Pixelbot building

If you’re attending one of our “Build a robot in a day” events you’ll need to bring along a laptop so that you can develop the programs to control the robot. You can use a Windows PC, MacBook or Linux device. You don’t need to bring along anything else, as we provide all the tools and cables that you will need to create your robot.

The robot is controlled by an Arduino device which is programmed in the C++ langauge. If you’ve programmed before that’s great. If not, no problem, as full instructions on how to write the programs are provided.

You’ll be using the Arduino Integrated Development Envirnonment (IDE) to create your programs and send them to the robot. We’ll show you how to download the development environment when you arrive, but you can save a little time by installing the program in advance. You can download it here

We’ll be providing full instructions. If you want to take a sneak peek at what you’ll be doing, you can find the the latest version here.

Please note that these instructions might change slightly as we improve the design.

We look forward to seeing you and making some hardware.

The Hull Pixelbot Team